Not your typical Cinderella story.

Truth be told, it all started with Craigslist. Pro basketballer Adonal Foyle found Angled End Identities there in 2001, while searching for a strong Bay Area design company to build his fan site. That first foray into the world of pro sports design gave us a taste of what the sports arena offers: a place to truly play with a website in every sense of the word, from creating fun, dynamic visual treatments to engaging with thousands or millions of people.

It was all uphill from there. Adonal's people loved our work and quickly diverted us to other athletes and sports-industry organizations. Later we would become affiliated with partners Bay Area Sports Management and GamePlan Wealth, who would work with us to create a complete support system for anyone in the sports world.

We’re big on the fundamentals...

Angled End Athletics is the the result of many years of sports industry branding work by Angled End Identities, a graphic/web design studio based in Portland and San Francisco. The Angled End team is comprised of passionate, talented people who take pride in sweating the details and generating amazing results for our clients. We know our industry backwards, frontwards and sideways. We are pros at our game.

Long before we were drawn to the world of sports industry promotion, we cut our teeth at successful design and tech firms, honing our skills in: visual design (typography / layout / color), marketing, coding, animation, project management, social media and business development. It is due to this well of foundational experience that we are able to so comprehensively craft a powerful, consistent and compelling presentation for each of our clients.

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