A well-rounded team.

Bay Area Sports Management

Think of them as movie producers, only for pro athletes. The savvy and energetic staff of Bay Area Sports Management work behind the scenes for pros and sports organizations to keep operations running smoothly. AEA works hand-in-hand with BA-SM to keep brands fresh and mobile.

GamePlan Wealth

It is a sad truth that statistically, professional athletes fare poorly after their playing careers end. It doesn't have to be this way. Not all financial advisors speak greek, and not all career advisors are self-serving. The wizards at GamePlan Wealth are there to bridge the gap between financial windfall and comfortable retirement, using language and strategies that jibe with life in the pro sports world. AEA works with GamePlan to construct brands that will outlive an athlete's playing career, so that their relationship to the game continues to evolve instead of drying up.